Einfach mal anders denken

Let’s talk about the Italian job site market today. I’m going to present some of the major players there. For further information on the sites, please don’t hesitate to contact :-) . Anyway, some of them have re-vamped their sites. Nice work.

  • Trovolavoro.it: job site belonging to the Corriere della sera. If you speak Italian, you’re the king and you will definitely find someone willing to talk to you. Unfortunately they do not put their price list on the site.
  • Jobonline.it: job site based Trieste with a sales branch in Milan. They are part of the MediaLabor s.r.l. No price list either.
  • InfoJobs.it: they are part of the Spanish infojobs.net Network, which is present in several European and non-European countries (e.g. Mexico, where the site is for free at the moment). No price list on the site. Wow, I saw they are running their own blog.
  • CliccaLavoro.it: they are part of WebNation s.r.l. The results for job searches are not brilliant, however.
  • jobAds.it: an Italian job search engine.

P.S.: Let’s, of course, not forget about Monster and StepStone.

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